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I’m Senne Dehandschutter (°1985), Belgian director for film and documentary.

I graduated in 2007, obtaining an academic master degree and specialization in film directing at RITS, which is part of the Erasmus University College (Brussels). My end project FERTILISE –a short film stuffed with visual effects- was selected in the official selection of Short Film Festival Leuven, Montréal World Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, Film Festival Milan, Palm Springs Festival of Short Films, Monterrey Film Festival and the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival among others.

Since I graduated, I directed and (co)produced several short films and television series such as the documentary series Climbing Spielberg –listed in the official selection of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Docville and Planete Doc Review. I also founded the talent agency In The Picture (www.inthepicture.tv) and the production company Earth In Motion (www.earthinmotion.eu). As a director I also work with other production companies. 

Recently, I produced and directed "Reis naar Marokko" and "Arabische Liefde", documentary series that were broadcasted on the Belgian TV-channel Canvas. At the moment, I am creating my first fictional feature film for a cinematographic audience, with support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF). 

In my youth, you could see me acting on Belgian television. My most famous role was –undoubtedly- as the blond son of Daddy and Mummy in Vaneigens, former end segment of the TV-series Man Bijt Hond. I also acted in Flemish television series such as Flikken, Rupel, Aspe, 16+, David, Sara and in films such as Blinker and Olivetti 82.

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